Arjo Sara 3000 Stand Aid

The Sara 3000 is a standing aid which has a powered feature, this enables clients to stand safely while care is being provided such as transfers and toileting.

Using the stand aid within everyday transfers such as toileting can minimise stress and risk of injury to both client and carer.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Inspect equipment before use for LOLER examination sticker and ensure the examination sticker is valid
  • Ensure the equipment works and is free from observable defects before starting
  • Read the handling plan and ensure it is current and relevant
  • Prior to raising, check the sling is positioned correctly and double check the sling attachments
  • Ensure safety and comfort of the person at all times
  • Ensure the brakes are not applied when lift is in progress
  • Apply brakes when stand aid is not in use
  • Ensure battery is charged and changed regularly
  • Do not apply brakes when lift is in progress
  • Do not leave people unattended in the stand aid
  • Do not transfer people in the stand aid from one room to another
  • Do not hold stand aid when lifting or lowering

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