Dressing Sleeve

A dressing sleeve is a simple and practical aid. 

Designed to help you or your carer slide any sleeved garment on with ease, it ensures there's no friction, struggle or pain. 

Simply insert your arm into the dressing aid, the aid will allow the arm to pass easily through the sleeve. 

Then simply slide the aid out the bottom of the sleeve when finished.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Encourage the person to do as much as possible
  • Remove sleeve after the garment is in place
  • Check the sleeve for any defects
  • When not in use store away safely as this can contibute to a slip if left sitting out
  • Do not leave the sleeve on once the garment is in place
  • When laundering the sleeve do not user fabric softner
  • Do not use if sleeve has any defects

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