Floor Mat

The Non-Slip Floor Mat has been designed to provide a stable, non-slip base for an individual when carrying out transfers.  The Non-Slip Mat encourages, enables and promotes individuals to remain independent.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Ensure the person has the ability to mobilise
  • Ensure you place the mat in front of the individual when standing
  • Ensure the floor mat is free from any obvious defects
  • Ensure the individual place both feet flat on the mat and is wearing appropriate footwear
  • Ensure after use to stand the floor mat is removed to enable the individual to sit down safely.
  • Do not use if the floor mat has any obvious defects
  • Do not use if the person can not stand unaided
  • Do not use if the individual is unable to undertstand instruction
  • Do not use with bare feet
  • Do not leave the floor mat after use as this could be a potential trip hazard

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