Liko Uno 102

The Liko Uno 102 is a functional and diversified hoist that can adapt to most lifting thanks to a three height settings and extra link arm.

This link arm, 'flex link', allows greater flexibility and almost vertical lifting even at a distance.

The Uno is a simple and low maintenance hoist. From lifting speed to physical dimensions, all features are carefully engineered to provide excellent staff working conditions, the individuals safety in the Uno and greater efficiency.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Ensure you read the risk assessment prior to using the Uno 102
  • Ensure the Uno 102 is in good working order and fully charged
  • Ensure you have had the necessary training before using the equipment
  • Ensure when using the Uno 102 you have the correct type of sling and size for the individual
  • Do not use the Uno 102 if it has not be charged
  • Do not use the Uno 102 if it has any defects or problems
  • Do not use the Uno 102 if there is not an up to date risk assessment in place
  • Do not use the Uno 102 if the sling is not correct size or has any rips or tears

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