Chair Techniques

Its essential that you know about safe Handling & Moving to ensure you do not hurt yourself or the person you are supporting. 

When a person stands up from a seated position, they do not stand in a straight line, they stand up in an arching motion (leaning forward and pushing upwards).

It is also recommended that the person you are supporting is sitting in a chair correct for them. 

The person you are supporting must be able to weight bear, you must also ensure that you are not taking any of the person's weight.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Ensure the person you are supporting is fully aware of what you are asking them to do
  • Ensure the person is wearing any sensory aids (glasses, hearing aids)
  • Allow the person to do as much as possible for themselves
  • If two people are supporting, ensure this is done together
  • Always treat the person with dignity and respect
  • Don't assume the person is unable to assit in anyway
  • Don't assist a person to stand if they can't weightbear
  • Don't assist a person under the arms or by using any other controversial move
  • Don't use walking aids as standing aids (Zimmer Frames)

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