Two Glide Sheet Techniques for Bed Transfers

Two glide sheets can used with two carers to support a person from a sitting position to a lying position.

Remember a key point is the person has to be able to sit unaided the edge of the bed, feet flat on the floor and hands on the bed.

If carers have to take continuous physical weight of the person while carrying out this techniques this will lead to back injuries.


Do's and Don'ts

  • ensure the person can sit unaided at the edge of the bed
  • make sure the person understands what is happening
  • ensure the glide sheets are in the correct position before starting the technique
  • remove the glide sheets gently when carrying out the technique
  • remove the glide sheets gently once the technique has been completed
  • carry out the techniques if the person cannot sit unaided
  • force the technique if the person is distressed
  • leave glide sheets insitu always remove once technique is complete

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