First Assisted Walking Techniques

Follow the guidance below to implement the technique which supports an individual to walk, using minimal support and this will vary depending on the individual's risk assessment.

Things to consider before using this technique are as follows: the individual's height, weight and ability, whilst also taking into account your own capabilities.

The First Technique

  • Hold your hand out,then turn your hand 'palm up', tuck in your thumb and fold your fingers over the top, then turn over your hand to create what resembles the top of a walking stick, ensuring your thumb is safely tucked away at all times
  • Invite the person you are guiding to place their palm on the top of your closed hand
  • There should be minimal weight placed on your hand when guiding the person
  • Use your hand as a guide and walk slowly with the person


Do's and Don'ts

  • Enable the person do to as much as possible
  • Ask the person if they need your hand as a guide
  • Encourage the person to use their mobility aid
  • Take the person's physical weight when mobilsing as this will lead to injury
  • Link arms with the person as this could result in jnury to both people if they were to stumble or fall
  • Grab or hold the person by their clothing when walking with them

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