Third Assisted Walking Technique

Follow the guidance below to implement the technique which supports an individual to walk, using minimal support and will vary depending on the individual's risk assessment.

Things to consider before using this technique are as follows: the individual's height, weight and ability, whilst also taking into account your own capabilities.

Diagonal Arm Across Back Technique

  • Stand at the side of the person when giving minimal support
  • Place one hand on their shoulder, whilst the other arm goes gently across their back in a diagonal position with your hand on their hip
  • There should be minimal weight placed on you when guiding the person and remember to walk slowly


Do's and Don'ts

  • Encourage the individual to do as much as possbile
  • Ensure the individual has the correct aids to support them mobilise
  • Ensure you ask if the individual is comfortable with your palm on their shoulder and hand on their hip
  • Ensure you walk at an appropriate pace for the individual
  • Ensure there is no great height difference
  • Do not take the individual's physical weight when mobilising this will lead to injury
  • Do not place your hands on the individual without asking first
  • Do not grab or hold the individuals clothing of body when mobilising
  • Do not walk at a fast pace when mobilsing this can lead to the indivudal becoming unsteady
  • Do not mobilise with an individual if there is a large height difference

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