Many people require some level of support to walk, this can take the form of simply supervising a person for reassurance, give simple instructions such as reminding the person to walk into their Zimmer frame or actually assisting the person to walk.

It is important to ensure the person is wearing any support aids which enable them to walk such as splints. Always ensure people are wearing good supportive footwear, ensure there are no obvious obstacles in the way.

In many cases people can wear sensory aids such as glasses or hearing aids.

The person you are supporting may also use a walking aid like a Zimmer frame.

It is also good to remember that for some people they might find it difficult to walk between different surfaces such as carpet to vinyl.

We will discuss and demonstrate three safe and efficient techniques you can use with people on the 'Assisted Walking Techniques' page.


Do's and Don'ts

  • Ensure the person is wearing any sensory aids
  • Ensure the person is wearing any support aids
  • Ensure the floor is clear from any obvious obstacles
  • Ensure the person has any walking aids which they use
  • Do not use walking aids if damaged or other individuals
  • Do not take the individual's weight when mobilising as this can lead to injury of the back
  • Do not hold the individual upright when mobilising by their clothing or body

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